Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Reese & Riley:-)

Double Date...Ben & Reese And Brady & Riley...

Sarah & Jodi...Forever Friends!!!


Brady's Turn...

Ben's Next...

Shaping The Pizza Dough...

#1 Pizza Makers!!!

Sarah, Reese & Riley Opening Their Gifts!!!

Young Love...

Perfect Couple...So Cute!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Riley:-)

Happy 4th Birthday Reese:-)

Sarah & Her Baby!!!

The Next Top Chef Duo...The Seeley Brothers:-)
Today we went to Reese & Riley's birthday party @ The Young Chef's Academy...what a great party idea:-) Reese turned 4 & Riley is now 2 years old!!! I can't believe how fast our kids are growing-up...our babies are already 2 years old. It is so adorable to watch Ben & Brady get nervous around Sarah's girls. They are 2-of the only girls that my boys play with...& it always amazes me how Ben & Brady both act differently toward the girls than they do toward all of their other boy-friends. Ben now calls Reese his "girlfriend", which is both hilarious & scary @ the same time...considering he is ONLY 4-years old:-) We made some great pizzas & cupcakes for the is lucky for The Young Chefs Academy that Brady is NOT a frequent customer of theirs because he would probably put them out-of-business!!! He ate 6-of the other kid's servings of the sprinkles for the cupcakes, before I even noticed they were on the table. And, as for his pizza we made, every-time I turned my head the pepperonies were "gone", FINALLY after 7-rounds of applying the toppings we were quick enough to get the pizza into the oven before he could get the pepperonies into his mouth!!! I guess it's no BIG secret that he likes to eat when you take a look his belly:-) haha!!!

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